No doubt a big part of your decision to call Jindowie home is the pristine Yanchep coastline right on your doorstep. So why not extend the coastal vibes to your house and create a stunning, coastal theme that will make you feel like you’re on holiday, every day. Here are our top tips for styling the perfect beach house.

Go open plan

Wide, open plan living spaces are typical of beachside homes, so work with your builder on the design to achieve lots of light and space, particularly in shared living spaces such as the kitchen, dining and living areas. Using natural timbers for flooring will also help create a coastal feel as you bring the outdoors in.

Take colour inspiration from your surroundings

To create a light and airy coastal space, take inspiration from the colour palette you see before you at the beach. Opting for soft blue tones paired with neutrals such as bright whites and creams will create an effortless seaside feel in your home. Create feature walls using colours from a striking beach sunset (think faded oranges and reds) or look to the coastline surrounding and go for pastel greens. The wallpaper trend is making a comeback too, so seaside themed paper is another great look on a feature wall.

@threebirdsrenovations created this bright kitchen using @duluxaus paints

Add warmth

Add warmth and depth to your home with contrasting materials and fabrics. Light timber floors and cabinetry, soft blue tiling for splash backs or bathroom accents are great ways to bring a pop of colour and help bring warmth to living spaces.

Opt for weather resistant furniture that is ‘wet-bathers friendly’ and add to the relaxed coastal feel. Pieces featuring wicker, rattan and bamboo emanate beach house vibes so look for these when shopping for your new furniture. Timber in an array of finishes for things like dining room tables, bookshelves and bed side cabinets will also add to the coastal aesthetic. Couches should be big and inviting, move away from stiff and dark leather and look towards soft linen and sandy toned fabrics to invite a relaxed feel to your home.

@camillashouse has beautifully styled this @freedom_australia dresser for a bedroom beachy vibe.

Decor and accessories

Adding an eclectic mix of homewares and accessories in your home will add personality and warmth and complete the coastal look. Think glass ornaments, ceramic pieces in beachside tones and washed back picture frames with coastal photography and art. Little nods to the sea here and there, such as nautical themed bed spreads or rustic rope suspending your light fixtures, adds to the theme. Indoor plants housed in woven wicker baskets help to bring that outside look in and create calm in the space whilst adding a beautiful contrast into the colour scheme. Subtly display coastal treasures you’ve found on your beach days throughout the home to really complete that beach house vibe.

We hope these tips help you to complete your dream space and we’d love to see how you utilise them when decorating your new home at Jindowie so be sure to follow us on Facebook and tag us in your pics!

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