Are you sick of putting your Christmas tree up and down every year? Tired of trying to find which branch goes where and struggling to squish them all back into the box at the end of the festive season? A real Christmas tree could be just the addition you need! They are a great environmentally friendly option and searching for the perfect Christmas tree is a great family activity that everyone can get involved with. We’ve narrowed down our list of top spots to help you find and decorate the ultimate Christmas tree for your Jindowie home.

Christmas Trees of Wanneroo
Family owned and operated, this plantation have been helping bring Christmas charm and the fresh aroma of pine into Perth homes for years. Take a leisurely stroll through their flourishing plantation of over 2000 trees. With so many to choose from, you’re guaranteed to find just the one you’re after. They leave all the fun up to you, supplying all the necessary tools to find, obtain and transport your own tree so you can really make a day of it! Check out their website and plan your day here:

Wilburys Traditional Christmas Trees
In the heart of the Swan Valley, less than an hour from Jindowie, you could enjoy lunch at one of the world class wineries before heading to their sprawling plantation to find your tree. Alternatively, they have a pre-order service so if you don’t have hours free to peruse the rows of trees, you can order before for a swift pick up! They welcome your dogs too so every member of the family can get involved in the festive fun. To find out more information visit:

Muriale’s Christmas Tree Farm
Friendly service and a great range, Muriale’s offer everything from smaller trees for a quainter Christmas look, all the way up to large premium trees that will fill out your space. They are a cash only premises so don’t forget to swing past the ATM on your way there.

Looking after and decorating your tree
So you’ve found your perfect tree, now you want to make sure it stays fresh through the festive season. If properly cared for, your aromatic real Christmas tree could last more than four weeks so here are our 5 top tips to keep your tree in great condition all season long.

  1. To make sure your tree stays hydrated and fresh, make a small straight cut across the base of the stump before placing it in water. By doing this, your tree can absorb water better, meaning it will stay fresher for longer and branches won’t droop down.
  2. Choosing a central location for your tree is important as it will be the hero of your home for the festive season! Be sure to select a position where it won’t be exposed to direct sunlight for long periods of time. If the tree is exposed to too much harsh light or heat, it will dry out quickly.
  3. Keep an eye on the water level every day. Make sure your tree has plenty of water, if it gets thirsty the tree may seal itself off at the bottom and won’t absorb any more water which could cut its life short. Watering the Christmas Tree is a great activity for the kids, let them take it in turns checking water levels and filling up the bucket each day!

And now for the fun part! When decorating your Christmas Tree, there are no rules – anything goes. Some families like to stick to a theme while for others, a more random approach is preferred. Whatever works for you and your household is completely up to you, but don’t forget the fairy lights and something special for the top.

If you can see yourself celebrating Christmas at Jindowie, we’d love to welcome you to our vibrant and family focused community. Feel free to get in touch with our friendly sales team who are happy to answer any questions you may have.