You’ve made the move into your new spacious home which has been carefully designed and kitted out with your favourite furniture, but what about the garden?

  • Do you love a tropical escape?
  • A water-friendly native?
  • An English cottage heritage feel?
  • A succulent paradise?

These are some of the more common gardens we love to love here in Perth… but maybe you want to create something a bit different in your backyard? We’ve found some fun and quirky ideas that could transform your backyard into the talk of the neighbourhood!!

Create Some Magic

Think big and go small… with so many large open play-spaces and parks in Jindowie for the kids to run loose, why not create a miniature wonderland for them in your own backyard?

With creativity and planning you can create a space that is just a little bit magic, encourages imaginative play and helps them learn a bit more about nature.


What do you need for a fairy or gnome wonderland?

  • Every fairy garden needs a few paths, bridges and special rocks for its whimsical inhabitants to sit for a while… don’t forget a magical doorway too (or even a full house if you want to get fancy!).
  • Some textural ‘environments’ such as little ponds, sand pits and pebble walkways always make for a fun time.
  • A bird feeder and bath. Did you know birds are the best friends of fairies and gnomes? We think they use them as flying transport too…
  • Get the kids involved! Painting some shells, making little signs… they’re limited only by their imagination…

By creating your very own miniature Field of Dreams, “if you build it, they will come…”

Let’s Get Competitive

With some clever landscaping you can incorporate your favourite game into your backyard. Think outside the basketball hoops, trampolines and pools… how about a miniature golf course, life size chessboard or a croquet course? To bring these ideas to life seamlessly, enlisting the expertise of landscaping services st charles proves invaluable. Their proficiency in landscape design not only ensures the integration of your favorite games but also enhances the overall aesthetics and functionality of your outdoor oasis, fostering an environment where fun and relaxation converge effortlessly.

For those seeking a low-maintenance solution without sacrificing the lush greenery of natural grass, Artificial Turf installation can be an ideal alternative. With advancements in technology, synthetic turf now closely mimics the look and feel of real grass while requiring minimal upkeep. Landscaping services in St. Charles excel in the installation of artificial turf, ensuring a seamless and durable finish that withstands the elements and maintains its beauty year-round. Whether you desire a pristine lawn for recreational activities or simply wish to enjoy a verdant backdrop without the hassle of mowing and watering, artificial turf provides a versatile solution that enhances the usability and charm of your outdoor space.

Get the neighbours over and make it an annual back yard competition everyone will enjoy…

IMAGE CREDIT: Chess; Chess House @     Golf Course;

Arty Farty / Make a Statement

Are you creative? Or just have some wonderful pieces you would like to showcase?

Create a back garden art gallery by placing a few of your favourite pieces strategically in your backyard. Glass, metal, mosaic and ceramic, the options are endless to make a statement and have an interpretive and artistic space in your garden.

Foodie Fantasy

Ok… so this isn’t completely quirky – but a lot of fun can be had with a foodie fantasy garden!

Besides a fully equipped herb and veggie garden, you can also add in a couple of must-haves to complete the foodie fantasy!

  • Obviously a BBQ… who doesn’t love a snag or prawn on the barbie?
  • Pizza Oven – what a great idea to get your guests involved in the foodie lifestyle. Set up a toppings station and arm it with goodies from your garden and you’ve got a neighbourhood feast.
  • Marshmallow Roasting Pit – OK… we know this is not an actual thing. But it sounds so much better than a fire pit doesn’t it? And more delicious too!

Did you know Jindowie’s land and home packages have complementary landscaping packages until the end of October? Choose from The Entertainer, The Tropical Oasis or The Gourmet Gardener to deck out your backyard with elements such as a fire pit, garden beds, fruit trees or feature plants.

Every backyard comes with the following standard inclusions:

  • Water-wise Irrigation System and AC Controller
  • Garden bed mulching with edging
  • Soil preparation Bounding feature gravel
  • Additional planting
  • Wintergreen Roll-on Turf
  • Pre-start design consultation

What are you waiting for? Start transforming your backyard oasis now!