Summer’s coming! Which means it’s time to wheel the barbeque out of the shed, give it a clean, and start planning your first event of the season.

Grilled food, good friends, and great times…sounds and smells like Summer to us. Here’s our top five tips for the perfect summer cook-up in Jindowie.


Keep it casual 

It can be tempting to go all out when hosting a BBQ but keeping the occasion simple and casual will leave you stress free. With a good outdoor setting, a great group of people and delicious food, you can’t go far wrong. Stick to BBQ classics like sausages, steak, chicken and some fresh vegetables or salads to satisfy your guests. If you want to spice up the menu, prepare some corn-on-the-cob or grilled sweet potato fries. Here’s one of our fave sweet potato recipes:


Prepare early 

Finishing all your prepping ahead of time will leave you relaxed when your guests arrive. We suggest making salads, cutting buns for hotdogs and burgers, and preparing chicken skewers before they go on the grill the morning of the BBQ, so you’re not pressed for time. You can also prepare some snacks for your guests to nibble on while they wait for the food on the grill, veggie platters, corn chips and salsa are always a winner.


Music is the food of the soul, so make sure you have some great playlists ready for your guests. The plus side of having a Summer BBQ, means it’s totally acceptable to start playing Christmas carols.  Here’s our top pick BBQ playlist on Spotify:

If you know there’s kids coming and you want to keep them entertained, have some outdoor activities planned so the adults can hang out without worrying about what they’re up to. Outdoor games such as, cricket, Jenga or Twister should help keep them occupied. 


Now that you know our top five tips for your best Summer BBQ in Jindowie, it’s time to start planning…

If you can see a future for you and your family in Jindowie, feel free to contact our friendly team to find out more.