Spring is here, which means it’s the perfect time to organise and revamp your home.Whether you’ve just settled into your new home or you’ve been a Jindowie local for a little while, keep reading for our top tips for decluttering and refreshing your living space.

Start with a Vision
Before you start, we recommend taking a moment to plan out how you want each room to look and feel. Do you want clear benchtops, organised shelves or fresh new linens?Keep that vision in mind as you declutter; it’ll be your motivation.

One Room at a Time
While it can be tempting to try and clean everything in one go, it can quickly become overwhelming. We suggest starting with one room – maybe the one that’s been collecting the most clutter, like the kids bedroom or the lounge room. You’ll feel accomplished as you tick off each room.

Toss, Donate or Keep
Getting rid of that unwanted décor can make your home feel lighter and brighter – exactly the theme of spring. For each item, ask yourself if it’s something you truly need, something someone else might benefit from, or something that’s just taking up space. If you haven’t used it in the past year and it doesn’t have sentimental value, it might be time to add it to the donation pile.

Organise Seasonally
Those winter coats and heavy blankets? Store them away during spring and summer months. Use clear bins or label boxes, so when winter returns (after you’ve soaked up every bit of sun at Yanchep lagoon), everything’s easy to find.

Reconnect with Nature
Our Jindowie community thrives on its closeness to nature. So, bring a bit of it inside! After decluttering, introduce some indoor plants. They not only purify the air but also add a fresh aesthetic to your home. Yanchep Garden Centre and Landscaping supplies is a great local place to visit to stock up on your favourite flowers and plants.

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