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Buying into a new and vibrant land estate has some amazing benefits, and we’ve listed our top five below…

1. You’ll be around like-minded residents

When you choose a new land estate, you and your neighbours are all new to the neighbourhood. You’ve all made the choice to start a life in a wonderful area like Jindowie, you’ve gone through the same processes and journey, ready to start building your new home and be part of a new community.

2. Designed with Families in Mind

Jindowie was designed with families in mind. Land estates are built with space and function as a priority, with plenty of parks, playgrounds, bushland and a lots of open space. We also have a variety of block sizes available, including larger blocks, which allow plenty of room for swing sets, cubby houses and back yard cricket!

With so many families choosing to live in new estates, your kids will also have plenty of little friends nearby to play out all their childhood adventures.

3. Everything is right here, on your doorstep

When planning a new land estate, everything for your new community is considered. Schools, shopping centres, major roads, public transport options, medical centres, and much more – are all part of the planning process for your new and burgeoning community.

As your community starts to grow, you’ll see amazing little local shops and services pop up to further support the needs in your flourishing community.

4. Affordability is key 

Buying in a land estate is a great step on the property ladder, for both residents and investors alike.

Land estates are generally much more affordable, and with plenty of great deals on house and land packages, they are great options for both first home buyers and families looking to upgrade to a larger home.

5. Your home can be exactly as you want it

When you build your own home, it goes without saying that you can decide on every element and make it suit your family to a tea.

With full control of layout and design features, you can make the size of the bedrooms to the texture of the tiles on your kitchen splash back work perfectly for your family.


With a new and vibrant community, the amazing Yanchep coastline, bushland on your doorstep and the ability to design and build your own home in a place like Jindowie… the question really is, “why are you waiting to build in a land estate?”